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Bad Debt Recovery

S & P Recovery Services is focused on recovering bad debts of NBFC’s, Banks, companies, and other individuals with specialized tracking software and a team of dedicated professionals. Our team of dedicated professionals works towards recovering the bad debts of companies and individuals by using the latest technology available in the market and by visiting them face to face with a detailed report. 


S & P Recovery Services is a legal service provider with experts on panel such as Sondhi & Partners- Advocates & Solicitors who are also a consultant law firm for S & P Recovery Services and looks after the litigation. Our litigation team primarily focuses on the Criminal Action available to recover bad debts. Criminal actions include dishonor of cheque cases and criminal complaints to police and magistrates. S & P recovery services also provide solutions to arbitrations cases, mediation, and conciliation camps for fast recovery of Banks and NBFC’s.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

S & P Recovery Services except for litigation also provides Alternative Dispute Resolution including Arbitrations, Mediations, and Conciliations. The expert team of S & P Recovery Services has hosted several conciliation camps and mediation camps for various NBFC’s and banks for recovering their bad debts which are classified as NPA’s.

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

S & P has successfully been providing Insolvency and Bankruptcy services to Companies in India and abroad. The tie-up with Sondhi & Partners- Advocates and Solicitors have helped clients to get advice about Insolvency and Bankruptcy. 

Collection Strategy​

S & P Recovery Services has been working with several Banks, NBFC’s and companies for collecting their bad debts and to help them recover their NPA’s with face to face collection strategies and with the technical support of the IT team S & P Recovery Services has been successfully handling such cases. A detailed report is also provided to the clients using modern softwares.

International Debt Recovery​

S & P Recovery Services has been working closely with some International clients which include Banks and financial institutions. The firm has been closely working with other recovery firms around the world to provide best-in-class recovery services for bad debts. 

Private Investigations

S & P Recovery Services has also been conducting Private Investigations for clients. With the help of private investigations, S & P Recovery Services has a good recovery rate of around 80%.